The FAT Paint Company makes chalk-style paint that goes on smooth, distresses easily, finished with flair. FAT Paint transforms nearly anything into enviable works of art.


Step 1: The “Once Over”

Give every piece a good scrub with a sanding sponge before you start: all sides, corner to corner. This gives the paint something to bite to. Wipe off excess dust, dirt or grime with warm water and dish soap or a homemade vinegar wash.  Finish off with a good water-wipe to remove anything that may be left behind.

Step 2: Feeling Unsure? Do a Test Patch

FAT Paint has great adhesion, but some surfaces may need a little extra care. Apply paint to a discrete area, let it dry then scratch it with your fingernail. If the paint peels, you’ll definitely need to give the piece a heavy sand or apply a quality adhesion primer.

Step 3: FAT’n it up

Grab a good quality brush or low-nap velour roller and apply away, layer by layer. Let dry thoroughly between coats, approximately 20-30 minutes. Most projects will cover seamlessly with just two coats, but some surfaces may require more. You be the judge.

Step 4: Sand it aka The Creative Part! 

Sand all FAT Paint’d surfaces with a sanding sponge or medium/fine grit sandpaper to achieve a smooth-to-the-touch finish. For the distressed look, pay extra attention to corners, details or areas that naturally would have more wear n’ tear. Dust with a tack cloth.

Step 5: Seal it

Use a lint-free cloth or wax applicator brush to push FAT Wax onto your masterpiece. Work in sections; rub it in like hand lotion. For extra durability, apply CLEAR Top Coat so your craftsmanship lasts! Wait 5 minutes, then give the piece a good buff. Wait at least 6 hours for the FAT Wax to cure, then buff it again.