Setting the stage for staging.

Painting your house to sell is different than painting your house for the long term. For long term painting, you can incorporate your taste and style but for selling, you need to think of a broad range of tastes and styles. Remembering these two things when picking your paint colours can really help.

1.      Less is More!

Keep it simple. It’s a great idea to choose fewer colours and have the lighting change the tones for you. This creates a monochromatic look and keeps it feeling very open and spacious.

2.      Keep it Neutral!

You want buyers to envision themselves living in this home. By keeping it neutral it allows the house to appeal to more buyers. Sometimes intense colours can be off putting and therefore may limit the number of potential buyers.

Here are some examples of colours that we recommend to get you started. As stated in a previous blog post, you want to make sure that you’re not just choosing your colours from a computer screen. It’s a great idea to come into the store and look at the paint swatches. We would love to help you out.


Neutral modern beige

OC-11 Clay beige/OC-10 White Sand/Oc-24 Wind’s Breath

Crisp light grey

OC-52 Gray Owl/OC-55 paper white/OC-49 Titanium

Warm Light Gray

OC-28 Collingwood/OC-27 Balboa Mist/OC-20 Pale Oak

Designers and stagers love

HC-173 Edgecomb Gray/ HC-172 Revere pewter/Af-80 Jute

Trendy Grays

2108-60 Abalone/2112-60 Cement gray/2108-50 Silver Fox/2112-50 Stormy Monday

Fresh Clean Grays

2121-50 Iced Cube Silver/2124-50 Bunny Gray/2121-40 Silver Half Dollar

Updated sage

CC-606 Spanish Olive/OC-50 November Rain/2142-50 Gray Mirage

Soft Creamy yellow

Af-305 Ylang Ylang/HC-6 Windham Cream/HC-5 Weston Flax

Soft White

OC-118 Snowfall white

Clean White

OC-65 Chantilly lace

Bright White

CC-20 Decorator’s White